Jazz Ensemble Preparatory Program

The Steckman Studio of Music Jazz Ensemble Preparatory Program is available since 1996 through a partnership with the Oak Park Township Youth Services.This is designed to develop a program to use the influence of music to improve self-esteem and develop self-discipline for "at-risk" teens for social, economic or academic reasons.


Working with the deans and counselors of local schools, the Steckman Studio of Music Jazz Preparatory Program continues to serve twenty 6th - 12th grade students each year. Counselors are able to recommend students whom they feel this program would make a difference for and particularly those who would not be able to afford private lessons without assistance. Once a student is part of this program they are able to continue taking lessons, through High School, with the goal of performing with the Jazz Ensemble. The Jazz Ensemble performs yearly for the Democratic Party Fundraiser in Oak Park and for many other local non-for-profit organizations. 100% of the graduates of the Steckman Jazz Ensemble have chosen music performance for their major in College, and all received scholarships at the school of their choice.

The Steckman Studio Jazz Ensemble is very well respected for turning out great musicians with a mature and gracious persona and a desire to give back to the community. Steckman teachers often donate their time to ensure the further success of the students and the program. Two former students are now working with the program as teachers